Saturday, December 29, 2007

More Whale Whimsy

Can't get enough of these whales.

DONT BE A BLOWHOLE bookplates by One Good Bumblebee

Don't be a blowhole, okay? No, I know you were thinking about it. Just put the book down. That's my book, blowhole.

I thought about getting this for my sister, but I don't know if she'd appreciate the blowhole humor.

Brainy Whale T-Shirt by Spitting Image

The inscription on this shirt is "Grand est le cerveau de la baleine," or "Large is the brain of the whale." Interesting whale-brain facts: the brain/body size ratio of the whale is comparable to that of humans; whales have a type of brain cells in common with humans; and it is thought that whales sleep just one half-brain at a time because they are conscious breathers, and can therefore never be fully unconscious for fear of drowning. You can bring home your very own tribute to the cerveau of the baleine for just $25 USD.

Not Etsy-related, per se, but if you are interested in saving whales, the story of Mister Splashy Pants may interest you.

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