Saturday, December 29, 2007

Felt Beads

The felted bead of preschool days is coming back in a big way, it seems. Look at these fabulous bobble-baubles from 3FUN:

Three-in-One (Colorful Felted Necklace) by 3FUN

These turquoise felt earrings are unexpectedly sophisticated:

Buddha Blue Fuzz Earrings by TMJ - norsola johnson designs

This piece is listed as a necklace, but apparently moonlights as a funky bracelet:

Crocheted and Felt-Ball Necklace by hine

Keri Rounding's delicate felt brooches have been featured on a number of blogs this winter, but they're still so wonderful to look at. A friend remarked that these often look like Dr Seuss botanicals, but they do come in some more natural shades:

Hand Felted Brooch-Sprouts by Keri Rounding.

Want to make your own felt jewellery, or even your own felt beads, old school style? Ornamentea and lusitania have got the hook up.

teeny weeny felt balls by Ornamentea

Felt Beads with Mirrors by lusitania

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