Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Etsy Finds: or, How I got sick of waiting for a Treasury spot

I was never very sure about making a Treasury on Etsy. Sometimes, I'd get to that page and there'd be only 344 on the list. 344! That's almost 333! My Treasury-making time is close at hand! As I waited for that list to dwindle, doubts inevitably arose. What if I didn't really have anything to put on that list right now? How do they work, anyway? Do I need to know what I want to put on there ahead of time? What if the items I pick have already been featured? What if I put together a Treasury that I think looks nice, but it ends up being one of those lame treasuries that everyone sees and hopes will cycle off the page more quickly than your average treasury? I quietly bookmarked a series of items in a side folder, just in case I needed to have everything ahead of time. They were all egg-themed - it seemed like a good idea at the time. I kept it at the top of my bookmarks, in case I ever got to the Treasury page and found it to be at 332.

This morning, I found this delicious pincushion from Createitcottage, who runs a shop full of delightful felt bits and bobs. "I can include this on my first Treasury!" I thought. "No, wait," I reconsidered, "this is not egg-themed." I thought long and hard about other possible themes. Fall theme? Pincushion theme? Felt theme? Those round leafy-things maybe look like eggs... That's when I decided that I don't need to make a Treasury. Why not just blog?

Advantages of an Etsy blog:
-No need to hover anxiously on the Treasury page for hours at a time
-No need for themes
-No need to stress over whether everyone else thinks my egg-picks are cool.
-Coolness factor of saying "I'm putting this on my blog."

Disadvantages of an Etsy blog:
-"etsyfinds" was already taken by a mysterious test blog. Hope you all can remember the hyphen.

I leave you with one of my treasured Treasury eggs:

Vintage Look Eggs 1 by Bluebird Lane

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createitcottage said...

I just found this while surfing the web and I had to thank you for showing my product. I am so excited that I was blogged about.