Thursday, January 10, 2008

Botanical Goodies

We all know Etsy's a great resource for jewellery, yarn, felted pincushions, and the like - but did you know that Etsy's also a great resource for dried herbs, flowers, and spices?

3oz Sample Dried Lavender Buds by PoPkO

Perfect for sweet little sachets - I've heard that enough lavender will keep moths out of your woolens, though I'm not sure that's scientifically sound.

Pink Rose Buds by Alli Pacha

These would be great in potpourri, or in a centerpiece or wreath for Valentine's Day or a June birthday.

Baby Dried Rosebuds - Purple by Allie B

Or maybe for even tossing at a wedding?

Don't know what you'd do with a whole bunch of lovely dried flowers? Get practical with some lavender tea:

English Lavender Black Tea by Lilith's Apothecary

My favorite lavender/tea blend is Earl Grey, but this black tea is probably nice too.

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shopPOPKO said...

thank you for featuring my lavender! yes, its a great repellent against moths.